50 Shades of Yoga

After reading the Times article, A Class for Every Yoga Mood, I am reminded of the wisdom of former president and vampire hunter, Abraham Lincoln: “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” Call me old fashioned, but it seems to me, that incorporating yoga poses into a step routine doesn’t make the step routing “yoga”; frying an eggplant doesn’t make fried food healthy–it makes fried food out of an eggplant. I don’t doubt the health benefits of a cardio-class inspired by yoga–rather, I merely ask, is calling it “yoga” a bit misleading?


Hiking in Yoga Pants (Yoga in Hiking Pants?)

A class that combines hiking and yoga catches on in Brooklyn, bringing yoga and nature within reach to city folk seeking adventure. This merging of worlds emphasizes the social and natural aspects of both activities, not to mention turns heads. Read more in the New York Times article here.

Competitive Yoga?

A recent event in Los Angeles brought yogis together from all over the globe. Instead of highlighting the unifying, meditative and spiritual aspects of yoga, however, this event was a competition: there were winners and losers, quantitative scores and nervous “mistakes.” What does this mean for the future of yoga and its practitioners? Will it breed irony, stress and competitive spirit in a practice that traditionally teaches the release of Ego and judgement? Or will it attract new students that would otherwise avoid such a typically inward activity? See the full article and slideshows in The New York Times’ article, Yoga is Not Just Posing as Sport.

Healthy Domino Effect

June 2012–Researchers at Northwestern University recently discovered that for many people, all it takes to make a significantly healthier lifestyle is changing one bad habit. The domino effect of, say, spending less time on the couch, could be eating fewer empty calories, exercising more, and having a six-pack on your stomach instead of inside your belly. Read the full article here.