To all my runners, race officials, volunteers, their families, friends, and the people of Boston:

For the last five weeks, I have been nursing a broken toe. This has left me unable to do much yoga, or any running at all. Both yoga and running are for me freeing, empowering experiences that remind me of my strength, endurance, and flexibility; each day, I grow more Imageanxious to return to my usual routine of running and yoga. When I heard about yesterday’s Boston Marathon bombing, I felt my heart sink. So many runners dream of finishing a marathon — a feat that I still dream of — and for a runner, there is no sweeter sight than the finish line: a place full of adoring fans, colorful banners, and prideful tears. Instead of tears of pride, however, yesterday’s marathon ended in tears of confusion, sadness, and pain. My heart is heavy for all the runners, family members, friends, race officials and volunteers that were present for such a horrible event; my first marathon will be run for you.

Peace, love, and running,


3 thoughts on “Hug A Runner Today

  1. This was a really sweet post, Abby, thank you. I’m happy to have found your blog.

    I hope your toe heals up soon!
    ~ Christy

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