Abby’s classes make me feel like she’s targeting her instructions directly to me, even in her bigger classes. When I come out of her classes my body feels stretched and then pampered – improved in every way. Areas that went in feeling tight or sore have improved, like she knew just what I needed. It’s a delightful feeling. She’s a great yoga instructor.
–Freeland, Portland, OR

I have been taking classes with Abby for about a year and she is just the best! Abby is incredibly knowledgable, intuitive, funny, and does her best to ensure all of her students are able to get what they need out of their practice. Through working with Abby in daily practice and through workshops, I have learned how to conquer challenging poses as well as recognize and correct my poses and posture through specific muscle engagement. Overall, I have gained an immense amount of knowledge about my body and myself. If you crave a wholesome practice incorporated with a few good laughs, I highly recommend you call Abby right away!
Ally, Portland, OR

As a practitioner of yoga, it’s been my goal to improve everything from flexibility to balance to mental focus to strength, and to reduce sports injuries. As an instructor, Abby Kraai covers this spectrum with an ease and humor that helps bring the entire class into the moment with her. Her love and appreciation for bike commuting, improv comedy and ultimate frisbee all bleed into her love of yoga. I’d recommend her classes to anyone from a first-time yogi to Iyengar himself.
Devan, Portland, OR

From my experience as an inflexible 6’6′ man, going into a new yoga class is a complete unknown.  I know that Abby’s first priority is wellness. She brings a sensitivity to injury concerns over aesthetics of a yoga practice, and her story proves it. There are a lot of yoga teachers and studios here in Portland, but she is another example of why finding a good teacher is much more important than finding the right type of yoga.
Chris, Portland, OR

Being fairly new to practicing yoga, Abby’s approach to instruction is exactly what I am looking for. She gracefully walks a fine line by creating a comfortable and accepting space while also providing direction and motivation that encourages you to push yourself a little further.  I’m excited to see her practice grow in her new hometown!
David, Portland, OR

I’m totally new to yoga, and Abby taught one of my very first classes. She was so gentle with my “newness” and complaints about sore wrists… I can only improve from here; and I think her calm patience is just what I need 🙂
Jill, Rochester, NY

Having practiced yoga for almost 30 years, it is refreshing to find a teacher who brings fun and humor to the mat whilst maintaining a serious understanding of anatomy, a respect for the individual, and an appreciation of all that comprises a complete practice. Oh, and her playlists rock! –James, Rochester, NY

Totally groovy time in Abby’s class the other day. Funky fresh style that had a well balanced blend of different poses and good transitions through the flow. Would recommend to friends and family and I would also Like it on the Facebook. —Doug, Rochester, NY

Abby led two sessions of relaxation and yoga for our Rochester AmeriCorps team. Everyone loved her teaching style and flow. Can’t wait to go to Abby’s classes in the community!!  –Rachael, Rochester, NY

Abby’s perceptible love of yoga and teaching creates a smoothly flowing, challenging, and satisfying class. She’s supportive of each student and sensitive to their place in their yoga journey. Her classes feel empowering and renewing. Well worth the time! –Rebecca, Portland, ME

Yoga with Abby is always a great combination of fun, a push, and relaxation. I leave feeling like I have learned something, and like I did more than I expected I would be able to do – a very good thing. Abby has a very nice personal touch – highly recommended! –Dave, Rochester, NY

I’ve been practicing seriously for two and a half years and, in that short time, have taken classes with many different teachers. I always leave Abby’s classes refreshed, relaxed, and feeling amazing! Abby is a person with a passion for yoga and life! –Lindsay, Rochester, NY


Have you taken a class with Abby? Did you enjoy your experience? Please add your endorsement in the comment box below!



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