Workshops & Retreats

Yoga for Scoliosis
at Yoga Pearl
Saturday, Oct 21, 2017
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Understanding our bodies comes through a continual process of inquiry. With infinite variations in bone structure and musculature, not to mention lifestyle, we are indeed utterly unique. Scoliosis and spinal fusion can be especially frustrating, as the spine is integral to our movement and posture.

In this 2.5-hour workshop, we will examine different curvature patterns of scoliosis, the mechanics of a fused spine, and their effects on movement. We will explore modifications and variations of certain poses and transitions, as well as ways to use breath to alleviate stress and pain.

Whether you’re a new yoga student, experienced practitioner, or teacher, this workshop will offer valuable tools to help us understand and celebrate the unique bodies we carry.

Mexico Retreat with Abby and Rachel!
Yelapa, Mexico
Feb 3-10, 2018
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Join Abby and Rachel in Yelapa, Mexico, for a week of yoga, rejuvenation, delicious food, and fun! We will enjoy rustic jungle accommodations at Los Naranjos retreat center, complete with a private waterfall and natural pool, accommodating chefs, and options for guided outdoor excursions.

Each morning will include an energizing, all levels yoga practice. Each afternoon will be free to relax, hike, lounge on the beach, or explore. Some evenings, we will lead a deeply restorative practice to lull you into a peaceful slumber. Other evenings, we will offer an invigorating vinyasa workshop, followed by social activities. There will also be time dedicated to writing, partner yoga, playful practice, karaoke, and lots and lots of (did we say this already?) fun!!



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